Events vs. Experiences: How to add Innovation to Your Events

For all intents and purposes, anyone can throw an "event." Book a venue, plan for food, beverage, entertainment. If you're lucky, maybe obtain sponsors for one or all of the above. Not everyone, however, can craft an experience.

Experiential marketing isn't new - it's just in the forefront of conversation with marketers today due to our increasingly digital world. In fact, one example of experiential marketing is something that has become a rite of passage in our society: going to Disney theme parks. Think about it - from the hotels to the rides, the food and the merchandise Walt Disney World and Disneyland is a brilliant example of experiential marketing that keeps on giving.

Refinery29 is, in my mind, an absolutely brilliant example of modern experiential marketing. Their 29 Rooms activation, which is in its second year in New York and is going bicoastal in a couple weeks, immerses attendees in 29 unique, emotional, community-building and conversation-starting experiences. With the help of sponsors/partners such as Dunkin Donuts, Ulta, and Aldo, as well as local artists, they created the most unique experiential marketing campaign, in my mind, in years.

When you are thinking about throwing an event for your company, consider bringing on someone who understands how to truly craft a brand experience for your guests. You want your guests to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch your brand - and create some user generated content for you while they're at it. Think outside the Instagram photo box, and deliver an experience that leaves an impression on your guests - and impressions for your brand.

Experiences are my passion. Reach out if you are looking to strategize about your upcoming year!