Working with Beth has been an absolute pleasure. She works diligently to connect with the right people in order to grow your company’s presence, whether it’s in print or online. In addition, her level of professionalism, work ethic and consistent enthusiasm is unmatched.
— Shila Griffith, Founder & Principal Designer, SG23 Design

My partner and I eloped in Hawaii, but we knew we wanted to have a party back home in Philly to celebrate with our friends and family. When we started planning, though, that ‘party’ quickly turned into a full blown wedding with a bunch of vendors, a venue that was DIY everything, and 130 guests. I realized pretty quickly that I would need a day-of coordinator and a planning team. Having known Beth from the industry in general, I knew she would be the perfect fit for our little wedding! Beth’s kindness, knowledge, organization, and passion for making events spectacular (and for making sure YOU don’t have to worry about a thing) is unmatched. She brought on Brooke as part of the team, and the two of them together made our wedding day go so smoothly. As a type A/Capricorn/CEO of my own small business, I tend to be a doer, worrier, and the type to say “just let me do it!” - but I let everything go into Beth and Brooke’s hands the days leading up to the event, and of course on the day of, and my husband and I were able to fully and truly enjoy our wedding 150%. It was incredible!! Thank you so much, Beth and Brooke, for making our wedding day what it was - truly the happiest day of our lives!!!
— Cheyenne Gil, Bride

Working with Beth Lawrence is fun and comfortable. Handling everything with a high quality of professionalism she excelled at going above and beyond any of my expectations! I would definitely work with her again.
— Evan Harden; Founder, National Bar League

Beth has a great knack for seeking out and engaging on events. Getting our vision and brand out to a broader, relevant audience really helped us connect with our market!
— Matt Hendricks; Owner, Thirsty Dice Board Game Cafe

Exceptional help, always there to assist and communicate well. Committed to the job, and a great partner to work with. Thank you!
— Kaushik Bhatta; Founder, B3 Alliance

Beth is an amazing project and event manager. Her work here was committed to the technology aspect and consulting for a client, and she was recommended from the software company as well. Beth worked under abstract requirements, and difficult communication from the client, and handled her work exceptionally well. Great work.
— Kaushik Bhatta; Founder, B3 Alliance

I am writing on behalf of my restaraunt James. As one of the managing owners I’d like to commend Beth Lawrence for her exceptional work with us. Her extensive experience, communication and hands-on understanding of our brand has provided a comprehensive skill set that has had a positive effect on our business overall.
— Patrick Clarke; Managing Owner, James Restaurant

Working with Beth on VOICE Summit was a pleasure. She is deeply talented, a go-getter and a get-it-done rolled into one. Her ability to think big picture and keep track of the tiny details has made our event a success. She has the marketing know-how and the logistics prowess needed to take any cutting edge event to the next round. She’s always the best person to have in my corner during planning and onsite management. My best kept secret!
— Amanda Said, Event Project Manager & Event Consultant, Modev

A big thank you to Beth for her assistance in creating a great event for The Bellevue at this year’s Radnor Hunt. Her expertise paired with the fantastic offerings from The Palm created a memorable experience for all of the guests visiting our hospitality tent throughout the day.
— Maureen Weir; Director of Marketing, The Bellevue

Beth reached out to offer marketing services. We hired her and have been very happy we did. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced in what she does, is very open to what her clients needs are, and is not afraid to tell the client they are making a mistake. As a client, we respect that. We are not the experts, if we were, we wouldn’t have hired one. You will be hard pressed to find someone who will put in the time and dedicate themselves like Beth Lawrence.
— Keith Gibbons; Co-Owner, Chopper's Hatchet House

I cannot say enough amazing things about Beth! Her passion, enthusiasm, and drive are infectious. She looks for creative ways to solve problems, and she never settles for the status quo. She is a go getter, relationship builder, and avid learner.
— Tressie Lieberman; Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Culinary, Snap Kitchen

From 2015-2017, Beth collaborated with my team at City Fitness and key agency partners on various activations and content creation activities to great mutual benefit. Her diverse skills set, creativity, and project management capacity made her an invaluable part of the team—when developing new partnerships concepts, we’d look to include the organizations Beth represents simply because she is a force multiplier for anything we look to accomplish.

She is my first call for any event of any scale I will look to execute in the future, whether personally or professionally, because she has a proven ability in her work with me to execute on ideas from iteration all the way through after-action reporting.
— Tom Wingert; VP of Marketing, City Fitness

I had the pleasure of working with Beth Lawrence at Snap Kitchen in my role as brand manager. Beth is a passionate, driven, and enthusiastic brand marketer who excels at all she does. From securing partners and leading multimarket activations with third parties, to leading on-brand field events throughout Philadelphia, I was continually impressed with her leadership and drive in marketing all that is Snap Kitchen. Her attention to detail in leading the local team was like none other and you always knew that our brand’s offsite presence would showcase beautifully when Beth was leading the charge.
— Shaady Ghadessy; Brand Manager, Snap Kitchen

I had the pleasure of working side by side with Beth Lawrence to launch the Philadelphia Market for Snap Kitchen. Together, we successfully launched 6 brick and mortar locations in 90 days and quickly developed a brand presence on the Northeast for the Texas-based concept of Snap Kitchen.

Our brand awareness in the Northeast is largely attributed to the efforts that Beth Lawrence led. Beth brings innovation, hustle, and passion to anything that she puts her mind to. She is a true visionary that will give her all to any concept, brand, or event that she is behind. Any organization would be lucky to have her!

In addition to leading local store marketing events, remarkable collaborations with alike brands and creating a team of brand ambassadors, Beth Lawrence conceptualized and executed on “Philly Free Streets”—the largest brand activation event for Snap Kitchen in the Philadelphia market. Beth dreamed of an event that would connect communities, provide a diverse group of activities to engage all guests, and, of course, spread awareness about Snap Kitchen! Beth worked tirelessly with the City of Philadelphia, event sponsors, and her internal team at Snap Kitchen to coordinate and execute a 1/2 day event that stretched across a 10-mile course! This event was the first of its kind for the City of Philadelphia and has since been repeated!

Through her enthusiasm, dedication, and tireless work ethic, Beth sets the tone for those around her!
— Lana Donahue; Market General Manager, Snap Kitchen